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Hello Friend / Ya sou vre!

Ufuk Kaan Altın
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Ürün Açıklaması

Annas, Manoses, Michalises, Christoses, Sevastis, Taki Babas, Stavroses, Vassilises, Yannises… get ready to meet unspoiled, simple, sincere, friendly, earnest, greed-free people.

In this book you’ll find the answers to questions like “Why this does not happen in Turkey?” “Why there are so few of those who can?” within the contexts of both people and eating culture.

And also the answer to that question: “Same sea, same fish: so why we don’t have same diversity of food?”

The answer is so simple: they don’t plunder the sea. They respect themselves, their jobs and culture. They know they cannot be without the sea, without the fish.

Ufuk Kaan Altın invites you a fascinating journey to Greek Islands, where the life flows so slowly.

To the land of beautiful people.

And he also guarantees great food too! So heed this call —you won’t regret it!